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So naturally the kids want to put up some bird feeders to encourage our new friends to hang out more.We decided to start with a simple peanut butter bird feeder made with recycled materials.Over the years we have been able to watch as the wildlife around us has evolved.One of the newest developments is that our trees have matured enough and now provide enough protection from predators that small song birds have moved into the area!We wanted to encourage our gorgeous new friends, with their happy voices to hang around, so we decided to make them a simple bird feeder.We decided for this first go round to make a very simple peanut butter bird feeder.These feeders do not last long and one rain storm and they are destroyed, but for a few sunny days it is a great way to encourage the birds to come and hang out.Using the plastic knife, spread a thick layer of peanut butter onto the toilet paper roll.If the peanut butter is too thin, the seeds will not stick well.Now gently roll the toilet paper roll tube around in the seeds, pressing down gently to encourage as many seeds to stick to the peanut butter as possible.Use your hands to pick up and place seeds onto areas that dont get covered well.Run a string through the holes of the toilet paper tube.This bird feeder will hang horizontally.Bring the two ends together at the top and tie the string into a knot.Your bird feeder is ready to be placed out in a location for the birds!Consider hanging your feeder on the branches of a tree or on a fence where your birds naturally like to spend time.You want to use all natural peanut butter as this is safest for the birds.If you have allergy concerns with peanut butter you can replace it with almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter or suet.Make sure your toilet roll is clean and smooth.You can create a bird feeder that hangs vertically by punching holes in the top and running the string through the holes.Try making both and see if your birds prefer one design over the other.Learn what types of birds live in your yard and make sure you buy bird seed that is appropriate for them.Dont leave it out in the rain and once the birds have finished eating, just toss out the bird feeder.Great project idea at home, school or camp.Spread a thick layer of peanut butter onto the TP roll.Ensure you cover the entire outside of the roll.She is passionate about exploring educational approaches that promote positive children’s mental health practices and encourage a love of learning in all students.Welcome to STEAM Powered Family! Here we are constantly looking for ways to foster curiosity and a love of learning in our children, regardless of ability or history.Turn your garden into a bird park with a few home-made bird feeders.It is important to strategically place them around the garden so you can look at them up close and personal.It is a great way to use up household items/items you would put in the recycling, or even in the bin.They’re cheap, easy and a great activity to do with your little ones.Plus it will be rewarding to see that the birds, squirrels and other wildlife are enjoying the feeders that they created and designed.You can even give them away as gifts to other wildlife lovers, so they can enjoy the beautiful birds too.Make sure you don’t spread it too thin as you want the seeds to stick.You can either sprinkle them on top or roll the peanut butter tube on a plate with seeds.You can make a simple bird feeder out of all kinds of items.From pine cones to logs and from toilet paper rolls to orange rinds.This is a great versatile craft that can be done with any age, any time of year, in any area.Today Im sharing three easy-to-make bird feeders that anyone can make using ingredients and items found in your home.

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