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Added by Terese Falk over 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.



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Bug #26494: Crashes [Game Crash - multiplayer]New
Bug #26359: game crash in MP during endless zone ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26388: Frequent Crashes on MultiplayerClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26446: Game crash in multiplayerClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26455: Game crashing after aproximately 10 minutes of gameplayClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26456: Game crashing randomly for multiplayer hostClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26462: TQ Anniversary - Crashes after 10-15 minutes [Game Crash - multiplayer] [Game startup - DX11/Hardware support]Closed
Bug #26470: crashing every 10-15minClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26471: Render Objects and Crash in MPClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26475: coop crashesClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26481: 5-10 min online internet multiplayer crashClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26489: All players crashes when playing in a partyClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26490: Game crashing in multiplayerClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26491: Return to desktop without warning in multiplayer every 10minClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26523: [Game Crash - multiplayer]ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26525: As you know... host crashes ever so oftenClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26532: Game keeps crashing when playing multiplayerClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26537: Game crash on the host side ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26539: Multiplayer Crash with skill panel 100% Reproducable [Game Crash - Multiplayer]FeedbackCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26542: A: Crash after 10min (host)ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26544: Game crashing in internet multiplayerClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26547: Server shutdownClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26549: Game Crashes in MultiplayerClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26551: Game Crash in MultiplayerClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26555: Multiplayer Crash SteamClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26557: Game Crashes when Hosting a online LobbyClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26558: Multiplayer crashClosed
Bug #26572: Multiplayer issue [Game Crash - Multiplayer]Feedback
Bug #26810: Crash in Atlantis cave [Game Crash - Multiplayer]New
Bug #26836: Need help with mutiplayer LAN and online - multiplayer issue [Game Crash - multiplayer]New
Bug #26855: coop game crash [Game Crash - multiplayer]New
Bug #26950: Unable to join multiplayer games [Game Crash - multiplayer, 2.4]New
Bug #26952: Titan Quest Multiplayer via Steam Play/Proton [Game Crash - Startup, Linux time out]New
Bug #27061: "Connect" button stopped working again on Proton after 2.4 patch [Game Multiplayer - connect error]Resolved
Bug #27228: Cant join multiplayer [Game - multiplayer]Closed
Bug #27241: Dx 11 Multiplayer crashes [Game Crash - Multiplayer]New
Bug #27249: DX11 Co-op - Latency issue [Game - multiplayer]New
Bug #27482: Game crashes when attempting to join server/ upon relaunching Banned bug occurs followed by 2nd crash [Game Crash - multiplayer]New
Bug #27516: coop game crash [Game Crash - multiplayer]New
Bug #27595: coop game crash2 [Game Crash - Multiplayer]New
Bug #27601: Multiplayer lag for certain boss/monster summons on high refresh rate monitors [FPS drop, multiplayer]New
Bug #26517: Encountering several bugs on fresh install [UI - Map, FOW] [Keybind - char movement]New
Bug #26615: No war of fog [UI - Map, FOW]Closed
Bug #26351: Overhead map not working rightClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26383: No FOWClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26389: [DX11 issue]New
Bug #26418: full map revelationClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26642: mapClosed
Bug #26675: FogClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26718: Map fully revealed? [UI - Map, FOW]ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26781: Map starts already explored in dx11 modeClosed
Bug #26839: Fog of war in the map.ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26886: Fog of war in a specific area [UI - FOW]Duplicate
Bug #26911: bug fog of war [UI - FOW]ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #27203: bug fog of war [FOW]New
Bug #26653: [Missing texture previous ver. game]Acknowledged
Bug #26366: Graphical Glitch [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26463: Visual Bug on some quad (kinda random ones) [missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26500: Missing scenery models [Missing texture previous ver.]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26516: graphical bug [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26526: Grey artefact on certain world objects. [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26536: Grafikfehler [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26552: Editor rendering issues [Missing texture, previous ver. game]Closed
Bug #26585: Graphical Bug: Large grey blocks on the level [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26589: Objects Misplaces [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26603: Grey pillars/walls [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26612: Big opaque Rectangle blocks [Missing texture, previous ver. game]Closed
Bug #26621: Missing wall/fence textures [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26645: Rectangles on Screen (follow up to a report I posted yesterday) [Missing texture, previous ver. game]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #26750: Energy regen slow until weapon set swap [Bugg or player stats?]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26716: Graphical Glitch in Amdo Region Severely Impacts Visability after Rebirth Foutain [Missing Texture] [Graphic glitch]New
Bug #26729: No npc texture and no monster model appear un Atlantis :O [Missing texture]New
Bug #26793: Various bugs [Missing texture][FPS drop][UI - Loot]New
Bug #26795: Missing textures on ground Act I City of Athens [Missing texture]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26815: Weird graphic problems while in some towns [Missing texture]New
Bug #26818: Harpies on beach in Africa are just grey shapes [Missing texture]ClosedLena Envall
Bug #26684: Harpies missing textures on Atlas highlands [Missing Texture]ClosedLena Envall
Bug #26940: There is no skin on the harpy of Atlantis [Missing Texture]ClosedLena Envall
Bug #27054: Missing texture & Too many MIs from coral soldiers in Gaulos [Missing texture]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27062: Texture bug [Missing texture, 2.4]ClosedLena Envall
Bug #27124: Ragnarök NPC [Missing texture - harpies]Closed
Bug #26838: Graphic - Animation issues [Missing texture]ClosedLena Envall
Bug #26888: Satyrs Champion textures [Missing texture - Glow?]New
Bug #26900: Black texture/missing building in Delphi [Missing texture - Cave entrance]ClosedTom Jönsson
Bug #26929: Bugs [Missing texture - white ground]Resolved
Bug #26692: Glitch texture in every places on game [Missing Texture - White ground]Feedback
Bug #26962: Floor is missing [Missin texture - white ground]New
Bug #27137: Glitch textures [Graphic - glitch, white ground]New
Bug #27166: White Floor & Old Crashes [Missing Texture - White ground]New
Bug #27604: White Floor. [Graphic - White ground]New
Bug #27013: Missing textures Act IV [Missing texture - Shrines]New
Bug #27177: Texture glitch in Knosos Palace (outdoors) [Missing texture]New
Bug #27197: Some bugs [Mod][Missing texture]New
Bug #27588: Editor bugs [mod]New
Bug #27460: Missing texture in Act II [Graphic - missing texture]New
Bug #27501: Black texture appears in entrance [Graphic - glitch, Missing texture?]New
Bug #26658: [Game Crash - startup]New
Bug #26364: DX11 version is crashing on start-up [Game startup - TQ_DX11.exe has stopped working]Closed
Bug #26533: Crash on Start Up [Game startup - TQ_DX11.exe has stopped working]Closed
Bug #26937: [TQ_DX11.exe stopped working]Feedback
Bug #27585: TQ_DX11.exe stop working [Game Crash - Startup, DX11.exe has stopped working]New
Bug #27597: TQ_DX11.exe crash at launch [Game Crash - Startup, DX11.exe has stopped working]New
Bug #26467: Game crashing when trying to launch [Game startup - Error - Hardware not support]Feedback
Bug #26358: Cant run the game after the update [Game startup - DX11/Hardware support]Closed
Bug #26527: Launching DX11 on unsuported hardware has to be kiled by task manager [Game startup - DX11/Hardware support]Closed
Bug #26709: Hardware not supported message [Game Crash - Startup, black screen]Feedback
Bug #26614: Titan quest insta close [Game Crash - Intro video / during starup / In main menu]Feedback
Bug #26375: crash after launching the game [Game Crash - Startup]Feedback
Bug #26453: game crash on startup [Game Crash - startup]Feedback
Bug #26587: game crashes at start up [Game Crash - Startup]Closed
Bug #26647: crash (on startup before intro menu) [Game Crash - startup]New
Bug #26696: Game crash [Game Crash - Startup]Feedback
Bug #26868: Optimalization [Game crash - Startup]Feedback
Bug #26664: TQ [Game Crash - Startup, Black screen]Closed
Bug #26452: crash after main title page [Game startup - DX11/Hardware support]Closed
Bug #26564: Black Main Menu Screen [Game startup - Shadow setteings?]Closed
Bug #26826: Screen turning black [Game Crash - Startup, black screen]Closed
Bug #27638: Black screen on Atlantis main menu [Game startup - Black screen flicker]Closed
Bug #27631: Black screen on initial menu screen [Game startup - Black screen flicker]Closed
Bug #26705: Fatal Error Could not initialize graphics engine. [Game Crash - starup, Fatal error could not initialize graphics engine]New
Bug #26509: Fatal Error: Couldn't initialize graphics engine. [Game startup - DX11/Hardware support]Feedback
Bug #26581: Game will not start [Game Crash - starup]Closed
Bug #26828: After "Atlantis" the game stopped running [Game crash - Startup, graphics engine]Duplicate
Bug #26832: After "Atlantis" the game stopped running [Fatal error, initializing graphics engine]Closed
Bug #27164: Fatal Error [Game Crash - Startup]New
Bug #27196: Could'nt initialize graphics engine [Game crash - startup]Feedback
Bug #26819: TQ_DX11 fatal crash [Game Crash - Startup, DX11 and DX9 issues]New
Bug #26556: Game crashes when trying to launch from steam or desktop [Game startup - DX11/Hardware support]New
Bug #26922: Game Crash with TQ_DX11Duplicate
Bug #26951: Update broke/corrupted windows 10 safemode launcher + directX 9 launcher [Game crash - Startup launcher]New
Bug #27049: Can't run game with Dx11 since v2.3 + some skill gonna worse than before Atlantis [Game Crash - startup]New
Bug #27056: Can't start the game [Game Crash - Startup]Feedback
Bug #27146: Both TQ.exe and TQ_DX11.exe start off DirectX 11 version of the game. [Game start - Options]Closed
Bug #27151: Game Wont Start [Game - startup]Feedback
Bug #27165: Game crashes when hitting the start button on the main screen [Game Crash - Startup]New
Bug #27178: Failed to initialize DirectX 11[Game - startup]Feedback
Bug #27472: Cannot start Titan Quest after update to 2.5a [Game - startup, failed to initialize directX 11]New
Bug #27232: The game does not start [Game - Startup]Feedback
Bug #27246: Game does not start anymore [Game - startup]Closed
Bug #27277: Game crashes on startup [Game crash - startup]New
Bug #27295: Starting up the game [Game Crash - Startup, no error message]Feedback
Bug #27298: Screen goes black in a random time [Game - DX11 and black screen]New
Bug #27403: Running Legacy version with dedicated GPU [Game Crash - Startup, Video settings]New
Bug #27567: save corropted [Game crash - startup, character login]Feedback
Bug #26672: [FPS drop]New
Bug #26376: Framerate drop around cave entrances whilst HBAO+ is enabled [FPS drop]New
Bug #26597: Stuttering near entrances [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #26643: Extremely Low at Cave entrances [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #27589: Framedrop near caves [FPS drop - cave entrance]New
Bug #26397: Multiple bugs [FPS drop] [Coral Guardian death freeze] [UI - sort Inventory]New
Bug #26514: Framerate and stuttering problems on initial playing of the game [FPS drop]New
Bug #26390: Performance Issue [Fps drop]Duplicate
Bug #26464: Extremely Low FPS [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #26498: Performance Issues [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #26576: Multiple reports [FPS drop]New
Bug #26596: Low FPS and stuttering performane [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #26605: FPS drop when killing new monsters (some, not all) from expansions (Ragnarok and Atlantis) [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #26641: Big performance slowdown [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #27236: Framedrops when killing enemies [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #27267: Stuttering [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #27348: General stability issues in Atlantis areas. [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #26573: Directx11 Lag and Low Performance [DX11] [FPS drop]New
Bug #26634: Poor Performance with DirectX 11 [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #27223: DX11 implementation grinds FPS to 20 (from roughly 60-100) at a repeatable distance from transition map transition areas like cave or tomb entrances. [FPS drop]Duplicate
Bug #26610: Hydra boss fight drops FPS to less than 1 [FPS drop] [Hydra fight]New
Bug #26626: Video freezes during Cerberus fight [FPS drop][Video freeze]Feedback
Bug #26628: Hard freezing and stuttering when zooming in [FPS drop][Zooming issue]Duplicate
Bug #27596: Crashes when fighting or beating Cerberus [Quest - Cerberus crash]New
Bug #27008: [FPS drop]New
Bug #27035: Animation slowdown [FPS drop]New
Bug #27052: Big performance drops. [FPS - drop]New
Bug #27076: CPU utilization for either Animation / Movement or Particles [FPS Drop]New
Bug #27273: tartarus perfomance. [FPS drop]New
Bug #27343: Functionality for FPS lock in settings [FPS - issue]New
Bug #27370: Multiplayer Lag [FPS drop]New
Bug #26681: [Language Localization]New
Bug #26354: Incorrect russian names of items [Language Localization]New
Bug #26355: English dialogs in russian version [Language Localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26356: Incorrect name of button in the main menu [Language Localization]Closed
Bug #26357: Button on the map with portals doesn't have russian localization [Language Localization]Closed
Bug #26401: Misleading french translation of "Enable right click selling" [Language Localization]New
Bug #26411: Missing or incorrect german translations [Language Localization]In ProgressVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26450: German localised Heroine speaks english after installation of newest DLC [Language Localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26479: [Russian localization]Acknowledged
Bug #26560: Item doesn't have russian translation [Language Localization]New
Bug #26584: Character creation/recognition problem [Language Localization]New
Bug #26622: New Cinematics feature plays English videos in German version [Language Localization]ClosedRasmus Andersson
Bug #26631: UI sounds don't match game language settings [Language Localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26714: Player's character have english voice in russian version of the game [Russian Localization, inventory full]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26627: Language Bug [Language Localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26949: Language + map [Localization - Voice full inventory][FOW]Closed
Bug #27218: Localization bug [Russian voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27219: French version issue [French voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26930: Localization problem [French - Full inventory, locked chest]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27220: French version issueClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27288: Titanquest French - voices [French voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27259: English speakers in German version [German voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27333: Titan Quest Atlantis [German Voice Localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27031: Wrong language when "Inventory full" Soundfile is played [German voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26717: Launcher texts language confusion [Localization - UI]New
Bug #26744: Voix perso jouable en anglais, sur jeu français. [French Localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26812: Some texts not translated or have typos [Russian Localisation]Closed
Bug #26938: Опечатка / Typo [Russian Localization]Feedback
Bug #26942: Item's name bug [Polish Localization]New
Bug #26944: Skill name bug [Polish localization]New
Bug #26948: still wrong voice files in german localisation [German voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26965: Chinese translation need fix [Chinese Localization]New
Bug #27063: Spanish translation bugs [Spanish Localization]In Progress
Bug #27067: Wrong German sound [German voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27152: No russian translate for the item [Russian Localization]New
Bug #27153: After update to ver 2.5 audio for "not enough energy" and "your inventory is full" and other narrator dialogue are english only [German voice localization]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #27192: Batnoam german translation (Atlantis DLC) [German localization]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27199: Gadir Necropolis; Tomb Minimap description missing [German localization] [UI - Name]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27227: Add subtitles in spanish intro videos. [Spanish localization]New
Bug #27260: Localization artefacts in German item descriptions [German localization]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27524: bug text [Russian localization]New
Bug #26848: [UI - Item name/Xtag]New
Bug #26497: Typo in Basilisk's Eye charm [UI - Item name]Feedback
Bug #26559: Gem of The Serpent Priest's effects [UI - item name]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26608: Monster Charm has variable name in description [UI - Xtag]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26695: No stats on an item [UI - Item description]New
Bug #26739: bug 3xTag [UI - Xtag]New
Bug #26837: Celtic helm - name error [UI - Item name/Xtag]New
Bug #26945: Act name [UI - Name]Closed
Bug #26959: The internal Ragnarok cinematic is mislabeled in the Cinematic menus as of the latest patch. [UI - Xtag]Closed
Bug #27148: Main menu: wrong subtitle on Ragnarök cinematic button. [UI - Xtag]Closed
Bug #26996: Wrong item Skill Icon [UI - name]New
Bug #26999: affixes uniformisation [UI - Name]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27094: relic tag bug [UI - Name]Closed
Bug #27113: 2 errors [UI - item name]Closed
Bug #27147: Optimize and correct Initial Equipment tables for Ragnarok and Atlantis [UI - Names]New
Bug #27160: Missing tag for Ragnarok cinematic button [UI - name]Closed
Bug #27161: Missing description for the charm received from an Atlantis quest [UI - name]New
Bug #27173: Atlantean Artifice (Monster Charm) has no proper description. [UI - Xtag]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26780: Legendary Atlantean Article: broken description.[UI - Item name]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27200: Charm: Atlantean Artifice is missing its description [UI - Name]Closed
Bug #27464: Atlantean Artifice missing description (see screenshot attachment) [UI - name]Closed
Bug #27184: Relic tab faulty (screenshot included) [UI - name]Closed
Bug #27269: invalid skill profile bug [UI - Name]New
Bug #27286: New suffix doesn't add any visible item property [UI - Name]New
Bug #27433: Missing bonuses? [UI - Item info missing]New
Bug #27526: Item - French Naming - Sucellus/Succellus ? [UI - item name]Closed
Bug #27593: Tinkerer Suffix [UI - Item name]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26849: [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #26371: Game Crashes after final boss [Game Crash - General]Closed
Bug #26394: General Stability [Game Crash - General]Feedback
Bug #26398: Game crash after Ragnarok final boss portal [Game Crash - General]Closed
Bug #26433: Titan Quest IOS cave crash [Game crash - General] [MOBILE]New
Bug #26445: TQ Anniversary Edition Bugs [Game crash - general] [UI - sort inventory]Closed
Bug #26451: Titan Quest: IT (AE) Crashing [Game Crash - general]Closed
Bug #26469: Titan Quest Unplayable Since The Atlantis Update [Game Crash - General]Closed
Bug #26492: Executable: TQ_DX11.exe Crashing [Game Crash - General]Closed
Bug #26499: Crash [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #26521: crash in asgard, potion/relic stacking improvement possibility [Game Crash - Rainbow Bridge] [UI - Inventory]New
Bug #26540: TI makes PC reboot [Game Crash - general]Feedback
Bug #26545: Crashed on clicking the 1Mi Orb [Game Crash - general]ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26609: Game crashes every 5 mins for 10+ times. [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #26657: Game crashes when pressing exit button. [Game Crash - general]New
Bug #27429: Game crash when exiting the game [Game Crash - General, exit game]New
Bug #27479: Game crashing, when exit. [Game Crash - exit game]New
Bug #26665: TQ [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #26741: crash when playing Epic [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #26820: Game Crash, Summon after Session start [Game Crash - General]Closed
Bug #26821: Main Menu Seems All Black But Sounds Are Working and Mouse Cursor Still Are Visible [Game Crash - General // Hardware Issues]Closed
Bug #26825: Crashes to Desktop [A] + [B] [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #26843: Black Screen graphics crash [Game Crash - general // Hardware issues]Feedback
Bug #26876: Auto save is major reason of crash. [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #27022: crash when closing TQ [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #27336: Absturz bei Beenden (DX9) [Game Crash - general, when closing game]New
Bug #27024: My Game keeps crashing [Game Crash - General]Feedback
Bug #27059: Game crashes after new purchase [Game Crash - general]Feedback
Bug #27133: Cerberus [Game crash - general]New
Bug #27159: Invisible Enemies, Co-op player sometimes invis, crashes on item pickups (random) [Game crash - general]New
Bug #27185: Neues Atlantis [Game crash - general]Feedback
Bug #27211: Crashes [Game crash - general]New
Bug #27215: Crash [Game Crash - general]New
Bug #27225: Crashes Steam [Game crash - general]New
Bug #27240: Problems with DX_11 [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #27255: Game crashes every time [Game crash - general]New
Bug #27261: [game crash - general]New
Bug #27335: Soundoptions-Bug [UI - Volume slider, Crash]Resolved
Bug #27347: Touching any of the sliders in the audio settings tab [Game Crash - General]ResolvedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #27405: crashing and freezing [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #27430: Nvidia Shadow Play hard drive under heavy loadNew
Bug #27434: Crashing changing audio [Grame Crash - general, audio slider]New
Bug #27437: TQ freezed and crashes frequently in Atlantis [Game Crash - General, Screen freeze]New
Bug #27528: [Game crash - general]New
Bug #27539: athenian swamp in legendary crash [Game Crash - General]New
Bug #27540: crash outside athens (Hydra related?)Duplicate
Bug #26851: [Hitbox/Collision]New
Bug #26563: fell under the bridge, and got stuck [Hitbox/collision]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26599: Characters falling off bridges/cliffs [Hitbox/Collision]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26777: King Arganthonios' Boss Room Door [Hitbox/Collision]New
Bug #26827: Glitching under a bridge near athens swamp in greece [Hitbox/Collision]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26830: Glitching under the dock in rhakotis [Hitbox/Collision]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26913: Loot Lag [Hitbox/Collision - Loot]New
Bug #27033: rainbow bridge glich [Hitbox - closed gate]New
Bug #27209: Act 3 [Collision]New
Bug #27266: Falling into water from Bridges, Pier, Wharves .. etc. etc. - and being completely stuck! [Collision]ClosedClaes Johansson
Bug #27278: Tartarus - monster under ground [Collision]New
Bug #27420: Enemy defenses bug in Act I [Hitbox/Collision]New
Bug #27425: Gate Glitch (Immortal Throne); [Hitbox/Collision]FeedbackCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27484: The Aura blocking entrance to Posidons temple (Atlantis) [Hitbox - door]New
Bug #27525: gone to the bottom [Collision - Bridge]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27555: [Falling through ground]New
Bug #26387: fell through the floor [Hitbox/Collision]Feedback
Bug #26842: Falling through wooden bridges [Hitbox/Collision]Feedback
Bug #26915: possible to get stuck, atlantis [Collision - Bridge]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26955: Дырка в мосту / Hole in the bridge [Hitbox/Collision]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27060: Drop under bridge and pier [Hitbox/Collision - Bridges]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27066: Wooden walls in Fields of the Diadochi [Collision - fall through]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27144: Stuck under Athens Docks Act I [Collision - fall through]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27411: Erroneous collision query (Rhakotis) [Missing model]DuplicateCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27162: Falling through bridges and unable to proceed [Collision]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27195: Collision problem: Falling through bridge [Collision]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27777: Falling through rampsDuplicateCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27244: Stuck under bridge [Collision]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27412: Stuck under bridge Act I [Collision - Bridge]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27439: Character fell off bridge - now underwater [Collision, bridge]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27469: Falling Through Floor [Collision - fall through]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27478: Under the bridge in act III [Collision, fall through]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27520: Faulty collision query [Collision - bridge]Duplicate
Bug #27606: Broken Bridge [Collision - fell through bridge]Duplicate
Bug #27609: Athens docks - Ground bugged [Collision - Fall through ground]Duplicate
Bug #27612: Shaanxi Fields Bridge [Collision - fall through bridge]Duplicate
Bug #27637: Character Disappears When Crossing Bridge into Shaanxi Fields [Collision - Fall through bridge]New
Bug #27557: Going through closed gates [Hitbox - Gate]New
Bug #26854: [Tartarus]New
Bug #26406: Ominous music/sounds in Tartarus [Tartarus] [Sound - General]ClosedAndreas Larsson
Bug #26448: Tartarus zone bug - no mobs spawned [Tartarus - Design Loop]ClosedRichard Andersson
Bug #26458: No loot in endless-mode? [Tartarus - Game loop]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26541: Tartarus Endless mode breaking + having dissapointing loot [Tartarus - Design Loop]New
Bug #26582: Tartarus exceptional enemy buff [Tartarus - Design Loop]FeedbackVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26625: Tartar New area "wall bug" [Tartarus - Entrance Wall]New
Bug #26698: Tartarus Enemy has fallen through the map [Tartarus - General]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26702: Got stuck in the lantern [Tartarus - general]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26735: tartarus 2.3 difficulty [Tartarus - General]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27051: Tartarus on Normal / Epic too difficult for high level characters [Tartarus - Game loop]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27163: Tartarus bug [Tartarus]New
Bug #27193: Memory Leak in Tartarus [Tartarus]New
Bug #27279: Tartarus not resetting [Tartarus]Closed
Bug #27507: Tartarus dungeon unplayable in single player [Tartarus - Design loop]FeedbackVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27559: Tartarus endgame Dungeon [Tartarus]New
Bug #27572: Tartarus Arena bug report [Tartarus]New
Bug #27574: Tartarus Arena bug report No.2 [Tartarus]New
Bug #27575: Tartarus Arena bug report No.3 [Tartarus]New
Bug #26856: [Sound]New
Bug #26468: No player attack sounds [DX11] [Sound - General]Closed
Bug #26502: Ragnarok specific sounds do not scale off with distance [Sound - Scale]New
Bug #26700: SFX Soundbug [Sound - Volume]New
Bug #26733: Sounds in the Caravan Storage Area tab [Sound]Closed
Bug #26738: Attacking, monster, hit, chest open, item drop, music sounds all not playing [Sound - DX11 issue]Feedback
Bug #26811: Thunderstrike sound is too loud if multiple projectiles hit the same target [Sound - Volume]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26954: No footsteps sound in Act III [Sound]New
Bug #27262: Starting Screen Music played over Cinematics. [Sound]ClosedRasmus Andersson
Bug #27591: Ambience [Sound - missing ambience]Closed
Bug #27592: Death Sound effects [Sound - Inconsistent enemy sound]Closed
Bug #26860: [UI - Font / resolution / options / general]New
Bug #26360: Keybinds dont get assigned/saved properly [UI - Skillbar]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26487: Main Attacks with keyboard keybind issue non working properly PLEASE FIX [UI - Skillbar]New
Bug #26508: Problems after last patch [UI - Options]New
Bug #26593: Quick Slot Hot Keys [UI - skillbar]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26676: Mouse wheel on Keybinding options tab [UI - General]Closed
Bug #26801: Shift key no longer works [UI - question of missing function]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #27172: Skill auto-clicker [UI - skill]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27239: quick cast breaks shift key (the old shift key) [UI - Key binding]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #27379: Modify [Key Binding - Force move and other]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26368: force moveClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26459: Force Move not workingClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26466: force move not workingClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26534: [Force Move]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26588: Force move keybind appears to not work [Keybind - Character movement]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26613: Force Move doesn't work [Force move]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26737: Force Move [UI - Options]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26806: force move still does not work! [UI - Player, Force move]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26872: Problems with rebinding buttons [UI - force move]FeedbackJesper Mathiason
Bug #27114: binding "force move" key [Force move]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26362: Empty mastery space for non-DLC game [UI - Mastery]Closed
Bug #26414: Skill window without Atlantis [UI - General]Duplicate
Bug #26747: Masteries capped at 32 in my mod [UI - Mastery]Closed
Bug #26769: Implied / Missing Skill in Nature mastery [UI - Mastery]Duplicate
Bug #26870: Rank 32 skills aren't displaying and can't be interacted with [UI - mastery]DuplicateRasmus Andersson
Bug #26367: Sorting items in the inventory [UI - Sort inventory]New
Bug #26422: Found a bug [inventory]DuplicateRasmus Andersson
Bug #26476: Atlantis does not mix well with old modsDuplicateRasmus Andersson
Bug #26381: World Item Tooltips Not Working [UI - General]Closed
Bug #26391: Atlantis DLC ---> Error on Graphics and resolutions IN-GAM [UI - Resolution]New
Bug #26396: Non-existing Essence detected as available by Arcane Formula [UI - General]Closed
Bug #26415: Player Health UI [UI - HUD]New
Bug #26423: Ingame settings not work, -systemfont command line not working anymore [UI - options]Closed
Bug #26449: Resolution doesn't change [UI - resolution]Closed
Bug #26473: Second filter don't show green items [UI - Options]Closed
Bug #26483: Toggle Item Pickup doesnt works [UI - general]Closed
Bug #26519: Relic vault only 1/3 of max size [UI - Vault]New
Bug #26528: bug with Default HUD [UI - General]Closed
Bug #26561: Artifact Formulae completed components do not show properly. [UI - General]Closed
Bug #26569: 4K HUD too small [UI - Font]New
Bug #26600: Always picking up items accidentally [UI - loot]Closed
Bug #26623: Difficulty level not saved [UI - Options]Closed
Bug #26629: Menu option collection filter & worlditem-tooltip not working at all [UI - Options]Closed
Bug #26630: Inventory bug after using inventory mod and installing new DLC [UI - Inventory][Mod]Closed
Bug #26699: Interface bug [UI - General]New
Bug #26703: Mouse wheel on Quest log Side quests tab [UI - General]Closed
Bug #26715: Trying to change ingame menue settings [UI - Sound slider]New
Bug #26719: GAME LAUNCHES ZOOMED IN [UI - Zoom]Feedback
Bug #26732: Item pick up bug [UI - Loot]Closed
Bug #26834: still getting black screen at character select and txt issues in game after 2.3 patch [UI - Font resolution] [Game crash - startup, black screen]New
Bug #26352: Font not right [UI - Font]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26369: New UI font is unreadable [UI - Font]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26674: Texts visual artifacts [UI - Font resolution]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26745: screen resolution at login screen is way too big [UI - Resolution]New
Bug #26778: New item have no inventory icon. [UI - resolution]ClosedTom Jönsson
Bug #27243: Blurry Text [UI - resolution]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #26845: Dx11 - custom font no longer works [UI - font]ClosedJesper Mathiason
Bug #27023: Quick slot not working through number on keyboard [UI - input]FeedbackJesper Mathiason
Bug #27034: No gamma. [UI - Options and more]New
Bug #26482: cant change gamma [UI - general]ClosedHåkan Levin
Bug #26580: Gamma slider non-functioning [UI - Options]ClosedHåkan Levin
Bug #27086: cant change gamma [UI - Options, gamma setting]ClosedHåkan Levin
Bug #27075: Item Filter [UI - Item filter]New
Bug #27106: FXAA in User Interface [UI - Options]New
Bug #27138: Cant go to fullscreen.(only borderless) [UI - Options, screen res]New
Bug #27142: Damage numbers not working [UI - damage]ClosedTobias Carlsson
Bug #27149: After update to ver 2.5 screen tearing with Vsync enabled [UI - Options]New
Bug #27156: No MSAA option for GeForce 1050M [UI - Options, anti-aliasing]Closed
Bug #27170: resolution problem [UI - Options, resolution]New
Bug #27171: Not picking up items [UI - Loot, unpickable]Feedback
Bug #26663: Not pickable Loot [UI - Loot]Duplicate
Bug #26730: No loot pick ups after latest update 2.3 [UI - Loot]Duplicate
Bug #27128: Can't pick up items [UI - Loot, unpickable]Feedback
Bug #27129: Item pickup quite working after update this morning [UI - Loot, unpickable]New
Bug #27175: Difficulty choice [UI - difficulty options]ClosedRasmus Andersson
Bug #27187: Weird progress bar for skill [UI - Skillbar]ClosedTobias Carlsson
Bug #27230: Kan inte använda mitt " Inventory" [UI - Inventory]New
Bug #27231: Inventory doesn't work [UI - Inventory]New
Bug #27238: "Unblock Content" button does not work [UI - options]New
Bug #27263: Artifact/Formula: None of the Atlantis formula's and artifacts can drop/be created? [UI - Inventory, relics formulas]Closed
Bug #26590: can not drag and drop relics/charms with right mouse button to use them [UI - Inventory]Closed
Bug #27281: Lost all items in stash [UI - Inventory]New
Bug #27289: inability of combining relics when in inventory and of adding them to white or green items of any category of equipment [UI - Inventory, relics]FeedbackCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27427: Required experience for level up isn't shown [UI - Experience bar]New
Bug #27509: DX11 problem when on Windowed mode. [UI - Screen resolution, save options broken]New
Bug #27556: Unable to minimize in fullscreen [UI - game window]New
Bug #27581: Using 'X' to filter items, causes any further pushes of 'Shift' to open steam overlay. [UI - item options]New
Bug #27613: INVENTORY FOR CARAVAN [UI - Missing inventory]New
Bug #26865: [Player - Skill]New
Bug #26377: Psionic Beam synergy skill works with all weapon types [Player - Skills]In ProgressVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26380: [Dream] Distortion Wave has a base cooldown of 4 seconds instead of 10. [Player - Skill]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26426: Fire Nova/Meteor Shower bugs [Player - Skill]FeedbackCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26504: Chain lightning uses wrong visual effect [Player - Skill]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26583: Staff of the Deep has wrong icon [Player - Skill icon]ClosedTom Jönsson
Bug #26604: Golden kris throwing weapon has no projectiles [Player - Skill]ClosedTom Jönsson
Bug #26668: Tastatur [Player - skill]Acknowledged
Bug #26687: Stuck after using Ice Shards at 300% Casting Speed [Player - skill]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26743: Doppelganger doesn't work properly in multiplayer [Player - skill]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26392: Doppleganger Bug [Player - Skill]DuplicateCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26749: Lightning Dash basic attack does not proc skills [Player - Skill]ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26751: Click hold to attack on flying bird/bat causes character to move away from target until button release.ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26766: bug with summoned Sylvan Nymph [Player - Skill]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26963: Sylvan Nymph Attack Range is Larger than Bow Range (she doesn't hit enemies when attacking) [Player - skill]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27457: Sylvan Nymph is bugged [Player - skill]AcknowledgedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26807: Battle standard description [Player - skill]New
Bug #26957: Gorrogos staff projectile has no radius and thus do no damage [Item - skill]New
Bug #26964: Plague's poison damage is unaffected by poison multipliers [Player - skill]New
Bug #27025: Skill_AttackProjectileBurst.tpl doesn't work on items with autocast [Player - skill]NewRichard Andersson
Bug #27058: +1 auf alle Fähigkeiten wirkt nicht auf Erweiterung Runenfeld [Player - skill]New
Bug #27064: - % energy cost [Skill function]New
Bug #27154: Lightning Dash/ passive shield skills [Player - skill]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27179: Placement of battle standard, monster lure and circle of power is completely random [Player - skill]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26611: Random Flag installation [Player - skill]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27473: Battle standart spawn point on cast [Player - Skill]Closed
Bug #27605: BattleStandard and Circle of power placement Player - Skill]Closed
Bug #27186: New Dream skill bug in co-op [Player - skill]New
Bug #27205: Maximum health of pets at the start of the game [Player - skill]Resolved
Bug #27235: Energy cost bug in rogue mastery [Player - skill]Resolved
Bug #27337: Skill icon bug [UI - Skill icon]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27353: TTQ destructive blast [Player - Skill]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27470: Item-granted dual wield skills do not enable DWNew
Bug #27518: Ошибка . bug [Game progress lost]New
Bug #27587: Bug: Poison panic with only 1 skill point is a guaranteed fear [Player - skill]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27598: regrowth targets like a melee skill [Player - skill, inconsistent behavior]New
Bug #26867: [Achievement]New
Bug #26505: "Good point" achievement can be achieved with spells that cause multiple projectiles [Achievement - Good Point]New
Bug #26754: [Achievement - Altoholic]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26862: "It's dangerous to go alone." achievement bug [Achievement - It´s dangerous to go alone]Resolved
Bug #26503: "It's dangerous to go alone" achievement is given on game startup [Achievement - It´s dangerous to go alone]Duplicate
Bug #26515: Achievement triggering incorrectly [Achievement - It´s dangerous to go alone]Duplicate
Bug #26594: [Achievement - It´s dangerous to go alone]Duplicate
Bug #26616: [Achievement - It's dangerous to go alone]Duplicate
Bug #26902: Bloody Roots achievement not working with Earthbind [Achievement]NewWojciech Knopf
Bug #27332: Steam achievement: Call of Nature [Achievement]NewWojciech Knopf
Bug #27577: Achievements bug + couple minor bugs ingame [Achievement - lost]New
Bug #26877: [Portals]New
Bug #26353: Town portal not working right [Portals - town]New
Bug #26382: Atlantis DLC bug [tartarus portal, unexpected exit in Gadir]Closed
Bug #26689: Respawn containers and enemies [Portal]New
Bug #26734: I can not complete Act II [Portal]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26802: Access point to Knossos not appearing [Portal]New
Bug #26934: Dont can Port too next town [Portals]FeedbackJesper Mathiason
Bug #27027: Tartarus gate [Portal]New
Bug #27028: Tartarus gateDuplicate
Bug #27029: Tartarus gateDuplicate
Bug #27158: Portal in Hades' Palace (last portal of hades) does not work [Portal]New
Bug #27361: Hades Palace portal not working [Portals]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27543: Hades Palace Portal difficult to interact with [Portal, selection]New
Bug #27578: Stuck at Athens dock [Portal - Boat captain interacting with created player char.]New
Bug #26878: [Quest]New
Bug #26412: Missing exclamation mark [Quest - General]New
Bug #26419: "The Secret Depot" Quest bug! [Quest - General]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26444: Hyram - Returned Wanderer already there [Quest]Closed
Bug #26454: Telkhine act 1 does not sent PC to act 2 [Quest]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26501: Some Ragnarok quests do not immediately progress [Quest - General]New
Bug #26531: Lyktos killed and arena empty but locked [Quest - Critical]Closed
Bug #26565: Broken Final Quest [Quest - Critical]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26570: can not click on a captain [Quest - boat captain to atlantis]Feedback
Bug #27265: NPC Marinos in Rhodos not visible [Portals - boat captain]Closed
Bug #27292: Asomata - Marinos Not visibleClosed
Bug #27323: Missing NPC Model [Portal]Closed
Bug #26595: Satyr teleporting from one place to another, not attacking the horse [Quest - General]New
Bug #26601: Unable to talk to certain charaters [Quest]New
Bug #26697: Rhodos beach: NPC invisible [Quest]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26723: Unable to get into atlantis [Quest]Feedback
Bug #26746: Atlantis Telkine Second Form [Quest - monster dbr]ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Feature Request #26803: How to get to atlantis? [Question - How to]New
Bug #26817: Letter quest not working [Quest]New
Bug #26885: Quests are locked since Atlantis update [Quest]New
Bug #26909: Can't progress main quest "The Warrior Princess" [Quest]New
Bug #26916: Atlas Quest - Gaulos artifact shown on explorers ship before quest started [Quest - minor]New
Bug #26920: Two small bugs [Quest]New
Bug #26931: Side Quest: The Wealthy Collector [Quest]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27026: Quest reward duplicated on new session [Quest - balance]New
Bug #27111: Eye of Chaos altar eye doesn't dropClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27168: Atlantis - Cannot Deliver Letter [quest]New
Bug #27169: Main quest bug, quests breaking 2.5A non Atlantis Ragnarok owned [Quest - multiplayer]New
Bug #27226: cant complete the game [Quest]Duplicate
Bug #27422: Extra quest objective in epic difficulty only [Quest]New
Bug #27466: Chaos eye doesn't drrop on fast speed [Quest - break, game speed]Closed
Bug #27485: Admetus Quest Start [Quest - stuck]New
Bug #27486: Quests not completing, unable to progress [Quest - blocker]New
Bug #27546: Atlantis Telkine just disappeared [Quest - Blocker]Closed
Bug #27558: Quest "City of Atlas" [Quest]New
Bug #27583: Can't get the eye of Chaos (Egypt)[Quest]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27594: "Score to settle" quest located in wrong section [Quest - misleading description]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27611: Stonebinder's Cuffs don't drop [Quest]Rejected
Bug #26879: [Graphical - Glitch / Shadow / light etc]New
Bug #26350: Graphical Bug- strobe light [Graphics - Light] New
Bug #26460: DX11 Has Pixelated Shadow [Graphics - Shadow]New
Bug #26727: Strange Shadows [Graphics - Shadow]New
Bug #26797: Graphical artifact [Graphic glitch]New
Bug #26895: Stairs glitch in Temple of Marduk inner entrance Act III [Graphical - glitch, cave entrance]New
Bug #26904: Bug in Athens and a general one [Graphic glitch - Cave entrance]New
Bug #26914: Temple of Marduk map & minimap [Graphics - Map Resolution]New
Bug #26917: Missing area [Graphic Glitch - Seethrough floors]New
Bug #27053: Missing area in The Dread Halls Act IV [Graphic - Glitch, see through floor]New
Bug #27426: Athens Catacombs Act I ceiling glitch [Graphical glitch - See through floor]New
Bug #26919: Water texture glitch [Graphics - Water texture hard edge]New
Bug #27050: Water reflections glitch [Graphic - water]New
Bug #27141: Water reflection [Graphic - water]New
Bug #27181: Water texture missing Act II [Graphic - water texture hard edge]Closed
Bug #27341: Faulty representation of traces in the water (DX11) [Graphical - Water hard edge texture]Duplicate
Bug #27421: Gray pillars reflected on water [Graphic glitch - Water reflection]New
Bug #27454: Missing water textures in Act I [Texture - water hard edge]Closed
Bug #26921: Logon Screen bugged its not fully 21:9 [Graphics - Login screen Resolution]New
Bug #26936: Screen flickering in main menu [Graphics - Glitch, black screen]New
Bug #26956: Level of detail [Graphics - Texture]New
Bug #27048: Water movement without reason [Graphic - water movement intended?]ClosedRobin Koitzsch
Bug #27132: Incorrect Containers/Chests in Atlantis [Graphic - Wrong model]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27136: Ancient Ruins downstairs glitch [Graphic - Glitch, cave]New
Bug #27155: Wrong level visible in Athens Catacombs [Grapical - glitch, cave entrance]New
Bug #27188: Weird light in Elysium [Graphical - light]New
Bug #27190: New gians not have death animation [Graphics - animation, freeze death pose]ClosedLena Envall
Bug #27245: Darker Color [Graphical - player UI]New
Bug #27291: City of Paseron fog Act IV [Graphic - World Fog]New
Bug #27338: Faulty collision inquiry (Port of Athens) [Graphical - visual]New
Bug #27339: Erroneous representation of dungeon transitions (DX11) [Graphical - glitch]New
Bug #27432: Ground disapeared [Graphical - Ground texture]New
Bug #27519: Broken Shadow Appearance (DX11) [Graphic - shadow and light]New
Bug #27523: Level, hole in ground - Epirus - Paseron City [Graphic - glitch, texture]New
Bug #27561: Wrong Containers [Graphic - Container mesh]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27562: Invisible Enemy [Design - Enemy placement]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27566: Death Animations [Graphic - Serpemtiod death (coral guadrian)]New
Bug #27570: Gray character in the window [Graphic - Missing Texture]New
Bug #27571: Black screen in menu. [UI - Black character screen]Closed
Bug #27600: Wrong lighting near odysseus in elysium [Graphic - Light/shadow]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27610: Athens City - Black ground [Graphic - Black ground]Closed
Bug #27308: [Design - Ogj. placement / monster beh. / Levels / etc.]]New
Bug #26694: Bug when fighting boss in Atlantis [Design - Monster behavior]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26814: Ragnarök area in Egypt [Design - Obj. Placement]FeedbackVincent Groenewegen
Bug #26880: this two Christaltraps in Mimir Labyrinth stuck [Design - Obj. Placement]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #26933: Block entrances [Design - Level, Cave]Acknowledged
Bug #26935: Character gets stuck (unable to move) after opening certain doors in act 4, tower of judgement [Design - Gates]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #26939: Missing object [Design - Missing obj.]New
Bug #26941: Gate locked [Design - Door]New
Bug #26953: Omega telkine not transforming [Tech]ClosedJimmy Magnusson
Bug #26960: Pet affiliation issue in PvP [Design - Multiplayer]New
Bug #26979: Atlantis content in non Atlantis game [Design - Atlantis content in prev. game]Closed
Bug #27036: door lock by quest [Design - doors]New
Bug #27055: Jinghe Valley Gate [Design - Gates]New
Bug #27057: Barrier in Atlantis after last portal doesn't open [Design - gates]Closed
Bug #27070: Neith's Will [Design - drop rate]NewVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27072: Can't start act 2.[Design - cant proceed]New
Bug #27098: Misplaced NPC [Design - NPC placement]Closed
Bug #27120: Plotstop, can't talk to Heimdall [Design - Missing NPC]Feedback
Bug #27139: Abnormal high chance to drop MI on some Coral Guardian monsters. [Design - drop rate]Closed
Bug #27167: Great Hall of Propontis [Design - progress]New
Bug #27268: Misplaced "Dark Spirit Conduit Device" in Memphis Outskirts' dungeon - Act 2 - Normal Difficulty. [Design - game difficulty]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27305: Stuck on entrances because of buff spells [Design - Skills and cave entrance]New
Bug #27342: Floating chests [Design - Obj. placement]New
Bug #27360: Controlling the character [Design - general]New
Bug #27428: Bugged entrance in Athens Catacombs Act I [Design - Level, cave entrance]New
Bug #27462: Floating container in Act II [Design - obj. placement]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27463: Quiver of N'Imh [Item - dbr]New
Bug #27483: Respawn attack [Design - level]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27521: Bone Pile under the ground [Design - Loot and ground collision]ClosedKristofer Augustsson
Bug #27529: The South Gate in the Ragnarok Expansion is bugged (Epic Difficulty) [Design - door won´t open]New
Bug #27544: Missing Senechal NPC (Ragnarök) [Graphic - Missing NPC model]Closed
Bug #27554: Monster Equipment Drops [Design - Loot, epic on other levels and names]ClosedVincent Groenewegen
Bug #27568: Invisible walls/blocks everywhere in the game.[Design - level]Closed
Bug #27576: Atlantis is broken [Design - Level and drops]Closed
Bug #27651: Dream Image in multiplayer [Design - Dream copies drop loot in multiplayer]New
Bug #27386: [Player get stuck]New
Bug #26671: [Player freeze move.]New
Bug #26486: Stationary attack bug [Character movement freeze]ClosedTobias Carlsson
Bug #26507: ACT IV Possible to get stuck in doors at start of Secret Passage [Character movement freeze]New
Bug #26512: moving bug [Character movement freeze]New
Bug #26538: Attack / Talk stops working [Character movement freeze]New
Bug #26688: The game crashes sometimes i get stuck in the ground and couple of textures are messed up [Player freeze] [Missing texture] [player - unable to attack]New
Bug #26840: Character spawns under the map in minoan labyrinth when loading game [Hitbox/Collision] [Player freeze move]ClosedCarl-Oscar Lönn
Bug #27242: War Wind skill freeze character (Warfere + Defense) [Player get stuck]Closed
Bug #27334: Stuck companion Golem [Design - Get stuck]New
Bug #27380: [Player Get Stuck]New
Bug #27474: Stuck in opened door Act IV [Player - get stuck]New
Bug #27476: Occasionally immobilized player character. [Player get stuck]New
Bug #27603: Problem with Character spawn [Player get stuck]New


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