How to report bugs

Added by Reinhard Pollice over 4 years ago

To report a new bug click the plus sign to the left of the tabs and select new issue or use this link:
Fill in the following and leave the rest as default.

Subject: Summary of the bug. This is used when the bug is shown in a list so it should be short.
Description: This is the important section of the bug report. See next section below.
Version: Here you write the version of the game when you reported the bug. The version is found in the lower right of the main menu in Titan Quest.
Bug Classification: The bug classification is used to describe how severe impact the bug has on the gameplay. A is the most severe.

  • A: Critical. The game crash or something that stops the progression in the game.
  • B: Major. Has a large negative impact on the experience of playing the game.
  • C: Minor. Smaller impact but it is noticeable.
  • D: Cosmetic. Minor detail, a texture that is wrong or a misplaced object that don't directly affect the gameplay.

How write a good bug description
For a good bug description you need to write down what did happen, what did you expect to happen and steps to reproduce. The first part is often easy and the second part is not always needed as it is often obvious from the first. The hard part is the steps to reproduce the bug. This can sometime require more details then one expect. Do not be surprised if you get some feedback requests on some bugs before you get the level of information right. There are many masteries, skill and items in Titan Quest and not everyone play the game the same way. What you might think is the obvious way to do something might not be the way someone else do it. Follow this checklist early on until you get used to reporting bugs and learn what is needed depending on the bug.

  • What did happen
  • What did you expect to happen
  • Steps to reproduce the bug
  • Where in the world where you. Difficulty level/Act1/Area.
  • Character level and what masteries do you have.