Dear "The Guild 3"-Pioneer,

Welcome to Redmine & thank you for taking the time to send us your input. We kindly ask you to only report issues that you have encountered in the Early Access version of The Guild 3, and if possible in English. This would help us a lot since reports in other languages may lead to misunderstandings. In order to speed up the process, please verify if the same problem has already been submitted. Lastly, while submitting a report, please ensure the following is added:

  1. A brief Subject and Description of the problem;
  2. The name of the scenario map you played on and the game mode (poor fellow or career);
  3. Steps to reproduction: Please describe each step before the problem occurred so that we can reproduce the same problem;
  4. If relevant and possible, a screenshot and/or your DxDiag;
  5. The patch version number you played in - can be found in the patch notes and in the main menu of the game. Example: 0.018F
  6. Please don't forget to choose the Category from the list.

Please understand, it may take a while until your report is processed and resolved. We do appreciate your understanding & patience. We appreciate your support.

Thank you!

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